The Brazing Book Online

This book contains a significant amount of information on the process of brazing. It was created by Handy & Harman to assist both the novice brazer and the seasoned engineer. For years, this publication has been well received and a very useful tool. This publication has been updated to incorporate the many changes that have occurred within the industry. However, the purpose of this book remains the same: to expand the applications of brazing by relaying the many advantages of it as a metal-joining method -- while being quite candid about its limitations. And we highlight the many people and industries who are now using brazing wherever possible to increase their manufacturing efficiencies.

For ease of understanding, we've divided the book into Five main sections. Section One, "The Idea of Brazing," explains exactly what brazing is, where to use it, and how to perform it properly. Section Two, "Brazing in Action," presents detailed photographic case histories illustrating some of the many applications in which brazing is used today. Section Three, "Choices In Brazing Materials," lists and describes the many brazing products available from Handy & Harman and features useful selection charts to help you choose the best filler metals and fluxes for your particular brazing application. For your convenience, we've also included a number of technical reference tables and related information. Section Four, "Available Reference Materials," lists a variety of other brazing related information available to further assist you in your brazing operations. We know you'll find The Brazing Book informative and helpful. We hope you'll find it interesting as well.